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Maritime Consultancy & Marine Surveying - Capt. Reuben Lanfranco, BA (Crim), M. Jur (Int. Law), LLM (IMLI)
Job Opportunities
A number of positions are regularly available for persons interested in either seafaring or shore-based employment. Kindly fill in your details in the column below and we will get back to you if suitable opportunities are available. Please also bear in mind that particular positions need to be covered by persons holding the prerequisite STCW Certification, which needs to be valid at the time of application.
Job Application
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Which is the highest seagoing certificate you have at the moment?
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What shore-based positions would you be interested in?
What other position/s not mentioned above, would you be interested in?
Do you have a Seaman's Discharge Book
If Yes, which Country was it issued by?
What experience and qualifications do you have to make you eligible for the positions selected above?
Which date will you be available to commence employment, if selected?
Are you applying for a specific vacancy listed on this website? If yes, please insert the vacancy reference number.
Is there any further information you wish to add?
Job Vacancies
If you are interested in the following vacancies, please fill in the above form and make reference to the Job Vacancy Reference Number below.

Ref 01/18: Chief Engineer or 2nd Engineer (STCW) for immediate full time employment on a 40 metre vessel operating in the central Mediterranean region, supporting humanitarian operations.

Ref 02/18: Trainee Marine Surveyor - This is an apprenticeship position which does not come with a salary.  it is ideal for those aspiring to become Marine Surveyors in the future, either working independently or with a company.

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