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13, St. Isidore Lane, Zejtun ZTN 2261, MALTA

Maritime Consultancy & Marine Surveying

   Capt. Reuben Lanfranco, BA (Crim), M. Jur (Int. Law), LLM (IMLI)

About Us

Capt. Reuben Lanfranco, BA (Crim), M. Jur (Int. Law), LL M (IMLI),


After embarking on a lengthy career in the Merchant Marine and the Armed Forces of Malta, Maritime Squadron, Capt. Lanfranco served as Director of the Malta College of Arts Science & Technology, Maritime Institute, and was responsible for maritime education and training in Malta. He also carried out extensive projects for both local and foreign Governments as well as for many maritime-related agencies and both regionally and internationally. Capt. Lanfranco is also a Visiting Senior Lecturer on topics at the University of Malta and a Senior Trainer with DNV Maritime Academy. He is a UK Registered Marine Consultant and Marine Surveyor and is the In-country (Malta) representative of the International Institute of Marine and Chairman of the Malta Branch of the Nautical Institute. Capt. Lanfranco is also a Malta Flag and Panama Flag Appointed Surveyor of Ships.

The services we provide include: Maritime Education & Training; Advice on Maritime Law issues; Service as Court-Appointed Technical Expert; Marine Incident & Accident Investigation; Maritime Safety, Security & Risk Management; Incident Management; Ship, Superyacht & Small Craft Surveys; Cargo and Condition Surveys, including on/off hire Surveys; Port, Marine & Offshore Consultancy; Ship Brokerage; Ship Registration for Pleasure Craft and Commercial Vessels; Crew Recruitment & Management; Maritime Law Enforcement Training & Consultancy; Ship Security (anti-piracy) Escort Arrangements; Procurement of Weapons and Facilitating the Licensing of Private Maritime Security Companies under Maltese Law; and other ancillary services.

We are available for further consultation and are willing to tailor a package according to our clients' needs, based on the best available resources. These services can be provided both locally (in Malta) and overseas.

Office & Postal Address: No. 13, St. Isidore Lane, Zejtun, ZTN 2261 - MALTA

Email: [email protected]



"Taken Aback"

The situation of a ship's sails when the wind bears against their front surfaces. They are laid when this is effected to deaden her way by rounding in 

the weather-braces; and taken when brought to by an unexpected change of wind, or by inattention in the helmsman. "All aback forward ", is the notice given from the forecastle, when the head-sails are pressed by a sudden change in the wind. "Taken Aback" is a colloquialism for being suddenly surprised or found out.