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Marine Emergency Services and Repairs

We have recently commenced providing emergency services and repairs to small craft (under 24 metres in length) owners who may encounter problems on their vessels whilst at sea within Maltese territorial waters and internal waters. The same service is also provided for vessels at their mooring or on the hard.

We are currently providing a rapid response service which is available also on weekends to cater for situations which may require the following:

  • Divers
  • Underwater emergency repairs on vessel hulls
  • Repairs to main and auxiliary engines
  • Repairs to woodwork and general carpentry
  • Repairs to fibreglass structures
  • Repairs to boat electrics and electronics
  • Towing of craft
  • Preparations for lifting/lowering of vessel
  • Emergency survey of vessel by recognised marine surveyors
If you require any of these emergency services, kindly contact us on our emergency number +356 9999 9290 or email to
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